Sport therapy is an aspect of health care that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional occupational and sports specific fitness regardless of age and ability.  Sport therapy has developed from just treating injured athletes.  As a sport therapist we now offer a range of treatments for many different musculo-skeletal complaints such as back pain, postural and mobility problems, work related issues and repetitive strain injuries.

Injuries are treated according to the sport or activity involved. Sport therapists play a vital role in both sporting and non-sporting environments, by not only helping to return athletes back to their full performance but also with non-sporting injuries or pain, having the knowledge and skills to get full function and help prevent further injuries.  Sport therapists provide more than just the treatment and healing of injuries.

Our skills allow us to rehabilitate the injured patient through stretching and strengthening programs that suit each individual’s needs and lifestyle.  We work through programs from start to finish with, being there every step of the way on your road to recovery.


Whether your suffering with intense low back pain, niggling shin splits or you’ve just increased your activity levels sport therapy can really help you maintain your health and fitness, manage your injuries and help prevent them.

Services available

To sum up a work of a sports therapist:
Prevent injuries

Why should I see a sports therapist?
Suffering with an injury
Suffering with re-occurring pains
Muscle fatigue
Struggling with training/work load
Excessive DOMS
Fitness plans

Sports and remedial massage
Relaxation massage
Neuromuscular techniques
Postural assessment
Muscle strengthening
Muscle stretching
Bandaging and strapping*
KT taping*
Muscular energy techniques
TEN’s treatment*
Strength and conditioning program*
Nutritional programme*

* = Price dependent

What to expect from a visit to my clinic:Society-Member-Web-Logo
During your first visit I will assess your injury and decide on the appropriate course of treatment for you. This may include soft tissue massage, mobilisations, exercise therapy or electrotherapy modalities.

– Initial consultation including treatment (approx. 45mins) = £35.00
– Follow up treatments (approx. 30mins) = £32.00
– ½ hour sports massage (area specific) = £25.00
– 1 hour full body sports massage = £45.00

When an injury occurs it needs to be treated as quickly and effectively as possible to prevent ant further damage.  I can advise you on the best way to care for your injury and give you a structured plan that you can use at home or at a fitness centre to help assist you through your rehabilitation. Please contact me today for any queries or advise. I am based at Jack’s gym in Saltash but also offer home/mobile visits depending on what suits you. Appointments can be made directly through me or through Jacks gym.

Pitch side/First Aid
I am also a certified pitch side first aider: Emergency First Aid at Work; A B C First Aid Limited.  If you would like to speak to me about any first aid/pitch side events you would like me to attend then please contact me direct on 07909585093